Who Owns the Trails?

The City owns the trails. These trails belong to the city and benefit all of Highland, even if you don’t personally use them today.  They are a fundamental part of the good fabric of our community. They were negotiated for and deeded to the City by the developers in exchange for higher density.  The concept, which has worked well in the Wimbleton development, is that the benefit to the community that the trails and parks provide would offset the detriments on the surrounding neighborhoods and the City due to the development’s increased density.  When the Wimbleton homeowners bought into their open space development, they knew that the trail system existed, that there were building restrictions to preserve the trail system, and that the public would use the trails. For the homeowners to complain now that the trails are a nuisance because they are not maintained to the extent they would like, and thus should be sold to them at a discount, is disingenuous, unfair and detrimental to us, the citizens of Highland.   

Let’s be clear, we recognize the trails have been neglected over the years. And this was bad. We are NOT saying they haven’t been neglected. They have. But just as the city gets an extra 100K or about 3x the current budget, the exiting council votes to dispose of the paths around Wimbleton.

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