Trail Facts

Did you know?

  • Total Highland City trails: 17.94 miles
  • Total neighborhood option trails: 4.68 miles or 26.1% of all Highland trails (these are the ones at risk)
  • Wimbleton is 6% of the trails in Highland.
  • Selling the Wimbleton trails would be the first time Highland has sold trails that are regularly used
  • Same councilman who lives in Wimbleton has been leading the Open Space Committee for years, before he was on council, and was instrumental in labeling Wimbleton as an “optional” trail.
  • Trails are are owned by the city
  • In 2019, the city received $100,000 to add to the trail budget, which will more than triple the previous budget.
  • What is a lame duck vote?
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It is ironic that the same council members who proposed add a $8.00 per month park fee as part of a last minute change to public safety fee, are now very concerned that such a fee or tax would be implemented if we don’t sell the open space and trails. This happened at the June 18th meeting. at 40:34)

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