Tax Increases?

The opposition state that by NOT selling this land, it will create a tax increase? This is pure sensationalism care tactics.

To say that NOT selling Wimbleton trails, will create a tax increase is not an accurate statement.

The net annual financial benefit to the city to selling the trails and open space, excluding the one-time money, is $13,800 or $0.25 per month per household. Does it make sense to sell usable trail for such a small gain? Wouldn’t it make more sense to sell off unusable assets, vs trails that are used?

If the city were to implement a tax or fee to cover this lost benefit very few would call it a significant tax or fee. Furthermore, no council would initiate a tax or fee for that small amount. The cost to have all Highland City trails seal coated in one year would be about $140K. The city is putting an additional $100K towards trails starting this year. This could be readily accomplished within a few years without a tax increase. The city has not provided any cost information with respect to repairing sections of the trail with large cracks but is in the process of creating a multi-year trail plan similar to the road plan that was put together a few years ago.

It is interesting to note that two of the three council members who voted for the sale of these Highland trails, also proposed implementing a city-wide park fee of $8.00 per month on June 18, 2019. They did so without prior discussion in any council meeting or public meetings. To watch the video go to (starts at 40:25). Yet, now, when its convenient for them, they argue the other way. What?

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