Seal Coating

Below is information from the city on seal coat maintenance costs.

  • Trail maintenance:  Seal Coat and Crack Seal
  • Cost to seal coat trails:  0.20 to 0.25 per sq ft.
  • Crack seal:  Usually done by City of Highland employees  (Crack seal cost or patching will depend on the severity of the condition of the trail)
  • How long will seal coat and crack seal last:  5 to 7 years  
  • Whats the cost to do one mile of Highland trails: One mile of trail with an average width of 8 ft is:  5,280 ft (1 mile) x 8ft = 42,240 sq ft, 42,240 sq ft x .025 = $10,560.00 cost per mile
  • Wimbleton optional trails are about 1 mile!

2019-2020 Budget

  • 10-70-38 – Trail Maintenance -$70,000(General Fund budget)
  • 20-43-22- Trail Maintenance – $65,000(Open Space budget)
  • Total annual budget: $135,000


  • Based off this information, assuming only 1/2 of the trail $135,000 budget goes toward seal coat being $67,500, leaving the other budget amount of $67,500 for crack seal and other major trail repairs Seal Coat $67,500 / $10,560 = 6.39 miles per year      Crack seal – other major trail repairs:  $67,500 per year Highland has around 18 miles of trails, meaning every 3 years we could seal coat all the trails, with recommendation needing to seal coat and crack seal every 5 to 7 years.  
  • Weed-eating and weed abatement:  We need to work with city staff to get cost and plan on how to handle.

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