I Don’t Live in Wimbleton – why do I care?

Precedence:  If the Council’s divided vote stands and the Wimbleton trails are sold to the adjacent property owners, it will put Highland’s trails at risk.  With this bad precedent, nothing would stop other subdivisions from submitting petitions to buy other usable trails within Highland. It’s understandable to dispose of go-to-no-where trails.  However, Wimbleton trails are NOT go-to-no-where trails. It is true that in prior years, the city has disposed an unpaved small parcel of land that was originally planned for a trail, but the trail was never built. It has also disposed of short trail segments that did not go anywhere and were not used by the public. The Wimbleton trails are very different.  They are well planned, paved, have been in existence since around 2000, are not dead ends, and are used by the public for their intended purpose. They directly benefit many Highland residents, even those that do not live in the Wimbleton development. They are used by children to get to elementary school, go to parks, and by many adults and others to walk, jog, enjoy the outdoors, etc.  For many, trails was a reason or had significant influence when they decided to live in Highland. Its one of those items that sets Highland apart from other communities. 

The city survey backs up the fact that the city likes trails. See Survey here.

Safety is a HUGE concern. Some more info here on Safety.

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