Thank you Highland!

We did it! We saved the trails! By saving Wimbleton, we hopefully stopped any precedence too. 65.98% of votes said they like their trails! That is a big win for Highland residents. Thank you!

Election Results

as of 11/12/2021 at 3:07 pm

Kurt Ostler (Mayor)4,027100.00%
Sarah D. Petersen2,48127.36%
Scott L. Smith2,42126.70%
Jerry Abbott2,35125.92%
Colby Gibson1,81620.02%
Proposition #1 Wimbleton Trails1,654 (34.02%)  – For3,208  (65.98%) – Against
Proposition #11 Parks Tax3,034 (62.27%) – For1,838 (37.73%) – Against